MoneyShow has adapted the format of its live conference productions into a real-time online experience—a Virtual Expo—that will provide your company with cost-effective lead-generation opportunities and education delivered to your target market. Whether you're looking to generate new business, maximize your brand reach or teach prospects about your product or service...MoneyShow has got you covered. Enter your contact details below learn more about our digital lead generation, thought leadership and branding opportunities.

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2020 Virtual Expo Calendar of Events

  • The MoneyShow Virtual Expo (For Canada Investors Only) - November 4-6, 2020
  • The MoneyShow Virtual Expo (Investors & Traders) - November 17-19, 2020
  • The MoneyShow Virtual Expo (Accredited Investors Only) - December 1-3, 2020
  • The World of ETF Investing Virtual Expo (ETFs & Funds) - December 7-9, 2020

Why Sponsor our Virtual Expo?

  • MASSIVE AUDIENCE REACH: Physical events have physical limitations — geography, square footage, seating capacity, venue availability. Virtual events have no such limitations. As long as attendees can connect to the internet, then they can access an online event.
  • TIME-EFFICIENT + COST-SAVING = STRONGER ROI: There are no travel expenses related to attending virtual events. With the saved money and time, attendees can more easily justify buying or exploring investment opportunities from exhibitors and sponsors.
  • GREATER FLEXIBILITY: Virtual events allow the audience to take their time exploring content, be that presentations, videos, interactive PDF’s or message forums, they can download content to use in wider cascade or return for a deep dive into content at a time that suites them.
  • DATA DRIVEN REPORTING: At virtual events, reporting and analytics track every move attendees make. By knowing how many attendees viewed and/or downloaded a piece of collateral or watched your webinar, you can tailor your post-event marketing around the content that your qualified leads found valuable.
  • INTUITIVE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE: Attendees can easily log in; create and manage their profile; watch hours of LIVE streaming presentations; and interact with sponsors, speakers and exhibitors at their virtual booth. Plus, visit the Resource Center loaded with valuable fact sheets, brochures, demos, and more from our participating exhibitors and speakers.
1,500,000+ People Visit
246,000 Opt-In Newsletter Subscribers
867,000 YouTube Streams & 78,000 subscribers
65,000+ Virtual Attendees Annually
"MoneyShow always organizes top notch events, and has done a great job adapting to the recent pandemic by providing high quality online education to their attendees. We are honored to be a part of the online conference and have been very successful with them. It has a had a very positive impact on our business."
— Jeff Tompkins, President & Chief Investment Strategist, Altos Trading
"We moved a record $750,000 worth of coins out the door! What a fantastic Virtual MoneyShow! During the metals and mining track the amount of traffic we saw at our virtual booth was beyond any expectations we could’ve had. We had over 600 attendees view our live presentation alone and after the presentation the phones started lighting up."
— Brian Aspen, Founder, Preferred Coin Exchange
"We had an amazing experience with MoneyShow's Virtual Event! The event has provided Kineta, Inc. with several investments within a month of the event and dozens of new highly qualified investor leads. We look forward to working with the MoneyShow team in the future."
— Kenneth R. North, SVP, Corporate Development, Kineta, Inc.